Steadily towards heaven

From spirituality to thought, from word to action


While renovating a farmhouse in the centre of Italy, two friends find an ancient coffer stored in a crypt in the basement. Once they have managed to unlock it, they find that the coffer contains a lens that an illustrious artisan made from a crystal and left to the farmhouse owner's ancestors.
Left untouched for many centuries the knowledge of its true properties has been forgotten but, in fact, the lens has the power to magnify anything to the nth power, to the point of showing its history and its essence.
Through the lens, the two friends start to investigate and understand the principles that lie behind every aspect of life. Thus they begin to observe people, foods, illnesses, ethics, numbers and the whole world, ultimately embarking on the greatest challenge, a journey of investigation into the soul.
There is no turning back from this journey for the two friends or for their readers. An awakening of individual and collective egos to consciousness and to the light that illuminates one’s vision of the world.
This is just the beginning of the journey.


Paolo Faustini, Filippo Manelli


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